Hall Tables Perth

Hall Tables Perth

Hall Tables Perth

Make a great first impression on your guests or add style and function any room with hall tables and console tables custom made to suit your unique space and taste.

Whether you need a narrow hallway table, classic Hamptons hall table or sleek and modern glass console table, you'll find the perfect pieces for your home in the Lifestyle Furniture range.

Our  hall tables in Perth  are designed and handcrafted right here in WA and can be customised in the sizes, styles and finishes of your choice.


About hall tables & console tables

Hall tables, as their name suggests, are tables designed to be placed in the entryways of homes. These were a common feature of older homes that tended to have larger hallways and corridors, but they are still a popular choice to add style and function to modern homes, with options such as narrow hallway tables and floating console tables making effective use of limited space.

Hall tables are also known as console tables, as they are not limited to use in hallways. A console can make a versatile addition to any room, whether attached to a wall or freestanding on two or four legs.


Why choose hall tables in Perth?

A hall table or console table is a small item of furniture that can make a big impression, especially as it's one of the first things that many visitors to your home will notice. Good reasons to consider a hall table include:

  1. Making a statement– a hallway table can be an elegant and attractive addition to what could otherwise be a drab space. As the entry to your home, your console can set the look thatyour other rooms will follow.
  2. Convenient storage–even a narrow hallway table can be a convenient resting spot for keys, phones, post and other items you need on the go. Larger tables offer space for decor and can incorporate more storage solutions.
  3. Decluttering–a dedicated hall table for storage can free up space from windowsills, coffee tables and other surfaces, and means less time is lost searching for misplaced items.
  4. Saving space–whether it's decorative or functional, a floating console or narrow hallway table is a great way to make use of space that would otherwise go unused, without crowding your hall like other storage might.
  5. Versatility–consoles aren't only useful for halls. Many living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms can benefit from space-saving console tables, or an old hall table can be repurposed as a side table if you move to a smaller home.


What to look for in hall or console tables

Hallway tables may typically be small, but they shouldn't be an afterthought. You should consider just what you want from this item of furniture to make sure you choose the perfect piece for your interior design and your practical needs.

Lifestyle Furniture's hall tables in Perth are available in a range of handcrafted styles made from quality materials and can be personalised to your specific requirements.


Styles of hallway tables

At the entry point to your home, your hall table should ideally establish your overall home style, while also suiting its own space and function. Whichever style you prefer, your table or console should match the proportions of your hall to avoid visually or physically cluttering the space.

Freestanding hall table

A full standing hall table on two or four legs is a practical solution that's easy to move during cleaning, as long as it doesn't restrict movement.

Floating console

The ideal space saver, a wall-mounted console is a sleek statement that leaves valuable floor space free for shoes or just to allow your hall to breathe.

Narrow hallway table

Combining classical elegance and space-saving efficiency, slim hall tables can be as compact as you need for storage or extra long for displays.

Wide hallway table

If you have a larger hall, a wide table can be a grander statement that offers more storage space, especially when combined with shelves or drawers.

Hamptons hall table

A perfect fit for traditional or coastal homes, a Hamptons-style table can also give a retro look to a modern property, with the benefit of drawers for storage.

Contemporary hall table

A smaller space in a modern home can still benefit from a console, but favours clean lines and minimal features.

Decorative hall table

An attractive hall table can be a decorative item in itself, whether your taste is for crisp lines or sculptured opulence.


Console table materials

Like its style, the material you choose for your hall table should also match your other furniture. Most of our hall tables in Perth are available in a choice of materials and colours to make it easier for you to achieve harmony in your living space.

Wooden console table

Equally suited to traditional and modern halls, whether you prefer the rustic look of single slab hardwood timber or engineered wood incorporating glass or other materials.

Metal console table

A sturdy metal-framed console is the ultimate space saver that can suit a sleek contemporary or industrial aesthetic.

Glass console table

A curved glass console or glass surface inside a timber or metal frame can bring understated elegance into your hallway or other rooms.

Marble console table

A more expensive option, marble and other natural stone consoles in their natural colours set a luxurious tone from the first glance.


Choosing hallway table features

If you want your hall table to be functional as well as decorative, choosing a style with drawers or customising storage features will help you make the most of your furniture and your space. Our hall tables and console tables in Perth can be supplied with or without drawers that are seamlessly integrated into their design.

You should also consider how your new console will be integrated in your home décor. A console can be the perfect place to house picture frames or ornaments and it can be complemented by wall art, mirrors or lighting to make more use of your space.


Custom consoles and hall tables Perth

At Lifestyle Furniture, we have more than 35 years' experience designing and manufacturing custom furniture in Perth and WA. See our full range of  hall tables & console tables  online or in our Osborne Park showroom and call our team today on  (08) 9242 1911  to discuss your ideas.

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Join our mailing list for exclusive offers on our bespoke custom furniture and be the first to know about sales and our latest arrivals. A curated collection of the best custom furniture designs from around the world and style tips and tricks from industries.