Leather Modular Lounge

Leather Modular Lounge

Leather Modular Lounge

Leather modular lounge sofas give you all the seating space and flexibility you need. A modular sofa is practical for families and gives you more creative freedom in your lounge layout.

Our experienced designers and craftsmen at Lifestyle Furniture can create bespoke leather modular lounge furniture to suit your home, your taste and your price range.

Browse our modular sofa range to pick out the perfect pieces, specify your material, measurements and other requirements, and we'll get started creating your personalised lounge furniture.

Why choose a leather sofa?

Most of our sofas and modulars are available in a choice of leather of fabric. Both can be great options for the right living space, but a leather sofa or modular can have a number of advantages over fabric sofas. These benefits include:

Timeless appeal

Leather is a natural material that's never gone out of style. Whether you have a period home or a modern apartment, there are leather sofa designs to suit every living space – from the classic Chesterfield to sleek modern sofas and modulars.

With standard colours ranging from black and white to tan leather, you'll have plenty of options, but won't have trouble matching leather modular lounge sofas with recliners and other furniture in a leather lounge suite.

Comfort and support

Fabric sofas may be softer, but a firm leather sofa or modular uniquely balances comfort and bodily support.

Leather sofa cushions are available in a range of firmness levels – whether you prefer to sink into the seat or sit up straight – so it's important to try out your new sofa before you buy. Comfort can be adjusted for different occupants by adding plush cushions or throws.


One of the main advantages of a leather modular lounge over fabric is leather's greater strength and resistance to wear and tear. Your sofa may still be vulnerable to pets' claws or accidental damage, but the average lifespan of a modern leather sofa is around three times that of fabric sofas.

Also, unlike fabric, leather upholstery gets more comfortable over time as it adjusts to your posture, and high quality leather will look better as it ages.

Low maintenance

As well as being resistant to damage, leather upholstery is also very resistant to stains and other marks, and easier to keep clean than other materials. All it needs is regular dusting and occasional conditioning to prevent cracking and keep it looking good as new.

If you don't have a lot of time for housework, or a busy house with kids, leather modular lounge furniture is a time-saving solution.


Another good reason to consider leather furniture is if you or someone in your home has asthma or allergies. Leather is hypoallergenic, which means it doesn't attract or harbour dust mites, pollen or other allergens like fabric can.

Regular wiping of the surface is all that's needed to keep your leather modular lounge suite free from dust and pests.

What size sofa do you need?

Before you plan other details of your custom leather sofa, you first need to consider the practical issues of how much space you have in your living room and how many people you want your sofa to seat. There's also the matter of getting your new leather sofa through the doors.

Carefully measure the area you want your sofa to occupy, as well as the size of your front door and any internal doors it will pass through. Our designers will create your new sofa based on these measurements.

We can also recommend the size and shape of sofa that will be the best fit for your living space. This is where a modular or sectional sofa can be an efficient solution.

Reasons to choose a leather modular sofa

Modular (or sectional) sofas are composed, as their name suggests, of several modules. They may be used as a standard sofa or rearranged in different combinations to fit your space and suit your changing requirements.

Many of our leather sofas at Lifestyle Furniture can be custom made as either a standard sofa or modular. Advantages of modular sofas include:

Comfort – a sectional sofa can usually be arranged to offer more space for reclining, especially when you look for leather modular lounges with recliners.

Saving space – a modular sofa can give you more seating in a limited space, such as when using L-shaped or U-shaped layouts.

Design flexibility – your modular sofa can adapt to your new home when you move. Giving your room a new look is as simple as rearranging modules.

Easy to move – a sofa in sections is lighter and tucks away more neatly when doing housework or moving house.

Premium leather modular lounge sofas

At Lifestyle Furniture, we are committed to producing the best quality sofas and lounge furniture in WA. Our leather modular lounge range is made from high-quality leather supported by strong timber frames built to your exact specifications.

Whether you're looking for something classic, contemporary or slimline, all our sofas are designed for optimal comfort and support. Our leather modular lounge sofas can be arranged in up to 12 different configurations to suit your space and your changing requirements.

Many of our sofas are fully customisable, with a choice of leather of fabric upholstery in a variety of colours, low or high backs, and other features including feather back cushions and memory foam seats. Let us know what you want in your lounge and we'll endeavour to provide it.

Leather modular lounge sofas made in WA

Our dedicated team at Lifestyle Furniture have more than 35 years of experience designing and manufacturing high-quality custom furniture in WA. We offer long-term warranties on sofa frames and seats to demonstrate our confidence that your modular or lounge suite will stand the test of time.

Our strong relationships with local suppliers means we can offer the best value on the highest-quality products and materials. We are committed to sustainability, sourcing environmentally-friendly materials as much as possible and minimising waste.

Browse our range of sofas and modulars online or at our showroom in Osborne Park or call our team today on  (08) 9242 1911.

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Style Tips Straight To Your Inbox

Join our mailing list for exclusive offers on our bespoke custom furniture and be the first to know about sales and our latest arrivals. A curated collection of the best custom furniture designs from around the world and style tips and tricks from industries.